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September 30, 2007
UNSUNG is a tribute to ordinary Indian citizens who have dedicated themselves to improving the lives of people around them. Their inner resources - vision, will, commitment, energy - compensate for their lack of financial resources. They operate in the shadows, away from the glare of and glitz of fame and fortune. Their stories are inspirational. They teach us how can we beat all odds if we harness and channel our inner resources. UNSUNG tells the stories of nine amazing people from across India. The book was about 5 years in the making and in a way produced against many odds. It features evocative B&W photographs by photographer Mahesh Bhat and text by the well-known journalist Anita Pratap. A part of the proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the causes of the Unsung Heroes featured in the book.

Editorial Reviews


This book profiles nine magnificent Indians, whose life stories perhaps are not just meant to be read and admired, they are meant to be soaked in, a lot like the warm glow of the winter sun. And if you strain a bit more and read the unwritten, it is meant to tell you exactly what is wrong with our governance, administration, intent and society. And who will eventually set all this right. Unsung tells you it will, inevitably, be the unknown, the ordinary citizen who will end up achieving the impossible. Simply he/she is blessed with that dying art working with vision, will, commitment and selflessness. Strangely, the fact about every Indian fact and its opposite being true holds true for Unsung as well. There is, almost an inverse effect of what the Pratap-Bhat duo perhaps specialise in. Pratap s prose is more descriptive, its crispness a lot like a time-lapse video, almost helping you Anita Pratap and Mahesh Bhat have deftly picked up a collection of navratnas from across the country, each of whom has chosen a path not many dare to take. The path of being a doer, and not a pulpit preacher. Each, an essay of inspiration, selflessness and sheer grit and determination, all rolled into one. Bhat, through his black and white frames, says more than what any piece of text can ever describe. The smiles, the eyes of the protagonists, even the poignant poses, speak and describe more than any amount of verbosity can manage. The pictures in the book talk; the writing is sheer imagery. --Vinay Tewari in Biblio

This slim volume is an important testament….. Each of the stories is so stirring, so rare, so powerful…. --Dilip Bobb in India Today

About the Author

Award Winning journalist Anita Pratap was the South Asia Bureau Chief of CNN till January 1999. She has covered all the major stories in the region including the ethnic war in Sri Lanka, the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, conflicts in India's Kashmir and North East.Before joining CNN, Anita worked for Time magazine. Prior to that for India Today, Sunday and Indian Express. Mahesh Bhat is based in Bangalore and shoots for international publications. He has been commissioned by publications such as New York Times Magazine, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Marie Claire, Newsweek and Fortune among others. Mahesh works closely with Orchard Photographers, assignment division of Getty Images.